straight tooth bagger knives for VFFS packaging machinery high speed steel material

Informasi Dasar
Tempat asal: Cina
Nama merek: ZHIJING
Sertifikasi: ISO9001
Nomor model: L 380 mm
Kuantitas min Order: 10 buah
Harga: USD 10 - 30 one piece, price is negotiable
Kemasan rincian: Kemasan standar internasional atau sesuai kebutuhan pelanggan, biasanya berupa kotak kayu atau palet
Waktu pengiriman: 5 - 8 hari kerja
Syarat-syarat pembayaran: L / C, Paypal, Western Union, T / T, MoneyGram, Paypal
Menyediakan kemampuan: 1000 potongan per bulan
Bahasa produk: pisau bagger gigi lurus untuk mesin kemasan VFFS bahan baja kecepatan tinggi pemotongan: gigi gergaji tajam
Harga: Negotiable Dimensi opsional: Dapat memproduksi sesuai kebutuhan
Bahan: M2 Kekerasan: HRC 56 - 62
Permukaan: Finis bagus Pesanan disesuaikan: diterima
Kualitas: Dijamin Tipe yang lain: semua jenis pisau potong dapat dibuat oleh kami

straight tooth bagger knives for VFFS packaging

machinery high speed steel material


packaging knives for vertical cutting Knives' Description

Product Features

1. Chopper knives for cutting and mixing machines  are mainly used for cutting the paper, adhesive tape, magnetic

tape , film, PE films , ally foil,


fabric and so on.

2. The high-grade materials can make the

packaging knives for vertical cutting Knives with long durance and fast sharp cutting.


Better cutting life and higher hardness, make the knvies with better quality. 


Every teeth of the knife is grinded, after seembling the saw knives to machines, they cut siliently and sharp. 


All burrs are removed for good workmanship knives, surface grind with very flat and shining. 


We owns advanced CNC grinding machines and quite professional technology experts, after a long period of research and development ,our


company produce knives and blades that all are used to replace the imported high precision micrometer cutting knives and blades.


Features and Benefits


* Lower yearly knife and blades' consumption costs.

* Strictly quality control for excellent blades.

* High precision, high quality.

* Excellent hardness,small thermal deformation.

* Matched to their applications.

* Reduce unsurpassed edge quality.

* Increased blade durablity and reduced retooling time.

* Excellent cutting quality, stable and reliable cutting performance.

* Short delivery time, good packaging.

* Reward customers with high Productivity.






The packaging saw knives are applicable to various packaging machines. Can ordinary be seen in the vertical packaging machines. 


A good quality packaging saw knives, cuts films or foils very siliently, sharp and fast, long cutting life. 


When replacing the old ones, the design of the blade will determin the assembling of the packaging saw knives easy or not. 


For the high spped developing recently years, the packaging saw knives are already used in forestry, plastic machinery, food machinery,


textile, electronics, light industry, aluminum foil copper foil, metal film, tobacco, cigarette materials, packaging materials, BOOP film, edge


sealing, seal, bottom sealing machine, wood processing, food packaging, wire and cable, steel melting,


ship building, chemical, textile, plastics, leather, plastic crushing industry and other industries.


straight tooth bagger knives for VFFS packaging machinery high speed steel material 0


Our Service



Enquiry: Send us your knife's total length, heighth, thickness, teeth pitch, teeth heighth.


We will respond all enquiries within 24 hours (enquiries with drawings or samples) and provide quotation within 48 hours.

Order: When the order is confirmed, all the drawings and samples will be converted into CAD drawing. We will arrange time schedule for


producing customer order after design drawings are confirmed by both parties. During the producing period, we will update tracking and


recording progress and feedback to customers regularly.

Inspection: The inspecting work will run through the production. There is also a second inspection before delivery, in order to make sure our


products are in good condition.

Packaging: All knives are packed with anti-rust paper and edge protection rubber. Corrugated paper carton will be used. Big knives will be


protected by wood case with bolts. Ensure products are 100% safe and sound during delivery.

Delivery: We are the first choose UPS, TNT, DHL, FEDEX as the shippment, You can trace delivery status timely.

After-sale service: We are responsible for every piece of knife of our company. We have the ability to examine all of your cutting applications


and offer you the very best solutions to help improve your performance and accuracy.



Want to buy the knives, just send us your inquiries to get the best price.



straight tooth bagger knives
1. Selecting Material Choose the suitable materials for the products' processings.
Materials we have: 9CrSi, Cr12mov, W6Mo5Cr4V2, LD, H13, 9Mo2V, 60Si2Mo, 15GCr12,Cr12, 42CrMo,55SiCr,DC53,3Cr13,SK5, HSK-51, SKD-11, M2, D2,ASP30, ASP60, PM79, EM2
2.Forging Increasing the density of the material and the hardness of the
3.Annealing The material hardness can be rapidly reduced to facilitate fine
machining finishing.
4. Finishing machining Process the raw material into the suitable shapes.
5. Quenching Increase the hardness of the molded products.
6. Heat preservation In order to increase the abrasion resistance of the product, it must be
insulated for a long time.
7. First grinding Grinding product accuracy, glossiness, parallelism, etc.
8.Accurate grinding Super grinding to increase the precision and the parallel of
9.Hardening and tempering Hardening and tempering the parallel of products for
10.Quality check Refusing the unqualified products into the market
11.Packaging Choose suitable packaging for the products.



Contact us to get the best quality knives' prices. 

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